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There are several new motor vehicle crash indicators now available on NC DETECT.

  • Bicyclist (traffic-related and traffic/nontraffic-related)
  • Motor vehicle traffic-related
  • Pedestrian crashes (traffic-related and traffic/nontraffic-related.

These join existing reports available for motorcycle (on-road and on-road/off-road), and off-road/all-terrain vehicle (ATV) crashes.

The figure located below displays the weekly counts of emergency department visits due to bicyclists injured in motor vehicle crashes by week for the period 01/01/2017-12/02/2017. Notice the strong seasonal trend.  Although access to the custom event report is limited to authorized users, all users can assess the publicly available NC DETECT fact sheets.  Please check out our two new fact sheets describing bicyclist and pedestrian emergency department visits.

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