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The syndrome definitions listed below are used to monitor urgent care visits in NC DETECT.

Abbreviations, misspellings and negation are taken into account when searching for keywords in the comments field.

Please contact us at with any questions.

SyndromeCase DefinitionDescription/Purpose
Burn/Fire (Keyword or ICD-10-CM)Keywords: burn or fire
Exclusions: urin* OR burning OR vag burn* OR heart burn OR on fire OR fire ext* OR fire ant*

ICD-10-CM Codes: T20-T25.99 OR T30-T32.99
To monitor urgent care visits related to fires, especially after disasters.
Carbon monoxide/other gases (Keyword or ICD-10-CM)Keywords: co2 poison* OR co2 exposure OR co poison* OR co exposure OR c02 poison* OR C02 exposure OR c0 poison* or c0 exposure OR carbon OR monoxide OR carbonmonoxide

ICD-10-CM Codes: T58-T59.94XS
To monitor urgent care visits related to carbon monoxide and other gas exposures, especially after disasters.
CLIICD-10-CM Codes: B97.2 OR B97.21 OR B97.29 OR B34.2 OR J12.81 OR U07.1 OR U07.2

Free text in comments field: smell OR taste
(cough OR cyanosis OR "breath*" OR hemoptysis OR hypoxia OR "pleural effusion" OR pleurisy OR pneumonia OR SOB OR SHOB OR dyspnea OR tachypnea OR "increased respiratory rate" OR stridor OR "respiratory distress")
("chill*" OR shivers OR "rigor*" OR shakes OR malaise OR "fev*" OR fvr OR febrile OR FUO OR"high temp*"')
To monitor trends in COVID-like illness
Dehydration (Keyword OR ICD-10-CM)Keywords: dehyd* OR need fluid* OR leg cramp* OR muscle cramp* OR "skin turgor" ~ poor OR po intake OR oral intake OR IV fluid* OR Int fluid* OR not ~ "eat* OR can eat* OR hypotension OR low bp OR low blood press* OR low bl pres* OR tachycar* OR (dark & urine*)

ICD-10-CM Codes: E86.0-E86.9
To monitor trends in dehydration, especially during disasters
E. Coli (Keyword or ICD-10-CM)Keywords: e coli* or ecoli

ICD-10-CM Codes: A04.0 OR A04.1 OR A04.2 OR A04.3 OR A04.4 OR A41.51 OR J15.5 OR P23.4 OR P36.4 OR Z20.01 OR D59.3 OR B96.2%
To identify suspected cases of E. coli
Electrocution (Keyword or ICD-10-CM)Keywords: electric shock OR electric injury OR electrocut* OR shocked
Exclusions: cardiac OR defibrillator (thesaurus) OR code OR CPR

ICD-10-CM Codes: T75.4% OR T75.0-T75.09XS
To identify urgent care visits related to electrocution, especially during disasters.
Fever/Rash (Keyword or ICD-10-CM)Standalone free text: Anthrax OR Smallpox OR Bubonic OR Plague OR Tularemia OR Chickenpox OR "chicken pox" OR Measles OR Monkeypox OR Varicella OR variola OR "Spotted fever" OR RMSF OR shingles
Standalone ICD-10-CM Codes: A22% OR B03 OR A20.0 OR A21% OR B01% OR B05% OR B04 OR A77.0 OR B02%
("rash*" OR blister OR bumps OR dot &! "dot pe" &! "dot ds" &! "dot phy*" OR erythema OR hives OR itchiness OR "mouth sores" OR "petechial rash" OR "hemorrhagic rash" OR "maculopapular rash" OR pox OR pocks OR pustule OR "red spots" OR "skin inflammation" OR "skin irritation" OR "skin redness" OR "skin sores" OR whelps OR welts'
ICD-10-CM Code = R21)
("fev*" OR febrile OR "high temp*" OR fuo
ICD-10-CM Code = R50.9 OR R50.81)
To monitor trends of fever and rash illness
Food Poisoning (Keyword or ICD-10-CM)Keywords: food poison* OR food posion* or food poision* OR bad food

ICD-10-CM Codes: A05.0 - A05.9; T61-T62.94XS
To identify urgent care visits that may be related to food poisoning
GI (Keyword or ICD-10-CM)Keywords: '"bloat*" OR "ab pain*" OR anorexia OR appetite OR ascites OR "bloody stool" OR "blood in stool" OR "blood in my stool" OR hematemesis OR "diar*" OR emesis OR emisis OR flatus OR "gass*" OR "gastroe*" OR nausea OR "vom*" OR "vmt*" OR "throw up" OR "threw up"'


ICD-10-CM Codes: A22.2 OR K52 OR A00-A09
To monitor trends in GI Illness
Heat-Related Illness (Keyword or ICD-10-CM)Keywords; heat ex* (and not explod*) OR heat cramp* OR heat weak* OR heat sick* OR overheat* OR over heat* OR heat related OR heat realted OR heatstroke OR heat problem* OR hypertherm* OR to hot OR too hot OR heat str* OR heatstr* OR hot sun OR hot car OR heat injury OR heat ill* OR heat emerg* OR heat syn* OR heat prostration OR sun str* OR substr* OR due to heat

Exclusions: radiator OR antifreeze OR grease OR liquid OR oil OR heater OR hot tub OR sauna OR hot spring or burn*

ICD-10-CM Codes: T67.[0-9]XX[AD]% OR X3[02].XXX[AD]%
ICD-10-CM Code Exclusions: T2% OR T30% OR T31% OR T32%
To monitor trends in heat-related illness
Hepatitis A (Keyword or ICD-10-CM)Keywords: jaundice OR hep A* OR hepatitis
Exclusions: Hep(atitis) C OR Hep(atitis) B or heparin
ICD-10-CM Codes: B15%
To identify potential cases of Hepatitis A
ILI CC Only (Keyword)Keywords: Influenza/flu


At least one Influenza-related sign/symptom:

achy/myalgias OR bronchiolitis/RSV OR cold/URI symptoms OR congestion OR cough OR cranky/fussy/irritable infant OR dyspnea/difficulty breathing/SOB OR headache OR malaise OR nausea OR phlegm/sputum OR pneumonia/lung infection OR respiratory symptoms OR runny nose OR sick OR sleepy/tired OR sneeze OR virus/viral OR vomiting/emesis/throwing up OR vomiting/diarrhea OR weak OR wheeze


at least one fever sign/symptom:

fever/febrile/high temp OR chill/rigor/shiver

Exclusions: GI or intest* OR stom*
To monitor trends in influenza-like illness using keywords only
ILI (Keyword OR ICD-10-CM)Keywords: Influenza/flu

ICD-10-CM Codes: J09-J11.89
To monitor trends in influenza-like illness using specific keyword terms for influenza OR diagnoses of influenza
Measles (Keyword or ICD-10-CM)Keywords: rubeola OR measle* OR koplik sports OR erythematos rash OR
((fev* OR chills OR rigor OR shiver OR high temp*) AND rash)

ICD-10-CM Codes: B05% OR B06%
To identify potential cases of measles
MenEnc (Keyword or ICD-10-CM)Keywords: meningitis OR meningococcal OR meningococcemia OR purpura

ICD-10-CM Codes: G00% OR G01 OR G03.9 OR A39%
To identify potential cases of meningitis or meningococcal diseases
Motor Vehicle Collision (Keyword or ICD-10-CM)Keywords: mvc OR mva OR motor vehicle OR car accident OR car crash OR car wreck OR auto*
Exclusions: auton* OR auto immune OR autoimmune OR automatic OR auto bp OR autograft

ICD-10-CM Codes: V30-V79.9XXS OR V80.3% OR V80.4% OR V80.5% OR V81.1% OR V82.1% OR V83.0-V83.3XXS OR
V84.0-V84.3XXS OR V85.0-V85.3XXS OR V86.0-V86.39XS OR V87.0% OR V89.2% OR V89.9%
Initial and subsequent encounters only
To monitor urgent care visits related to motor vehicle crashes
Mumps (ICD-9/10-CM or keyword)Keywords: mumps OR parotitis OR orchitis

ICD-9-CM Codes: 072%
ICD-10-CM Codes: B26%

To identify potential cases of mumps
Reportable Diseases by Name (Keyword or ICD-10-CM)Keywords: campylobacter OR chancroid OR ciguatera OR Creutzfeldt-Jakob OR creutzfeldt OR CJD OR cyclosp OR iasis OR dengue OR diphtheria OR ehrlichiosis OR haemophilus OR leprosy OR hansen OR legionell OR leptosp OR listeriosis OR listeria OR lyme OR malaria OR measles OR meningitis OR monkeypox OR mumps OR lead poison* OR meningococcal OR meningococcemia OR mercury OR pertussis OR whooping cough OR polio OR rocky mountain OR RMSF OR rubella OR SARS OR scombroid OR streptococcal OR toxic shock syndrome OR toxoplasm OR trichinosis OR tuberculosis OR typhoid OR typhus OR yellow fever
Exclusions: vaccin*

ICD-10-CM Codes: A01% OR A04.5 OR A07.4 OR A15-A19.9 OR A27% OR A30% OR A32% OR A36% OR A37% OR A39% OR G03.9 OR A48.1 OR A48.3% OR A49.1% OR A49.2 OR B96.3 OR A41.3 OR G00.0 OR A57 OR A69.2% OR A75% OR A77% OR A80% OR A81.0% OR A90-A91 OR A95% OR B04 OR B05% OR B06% OR B26% OR B50-B54 OR B58% OR B75 OR B97.21
To identify potential reportable disease cases
RespiratoryStandalone Keywords: anthrax OR SARS OR "influ*" OR flu OR plague OR tularemia OR MERS OR nCov OR Coronavirus OR "COVID*"'
Exclusions: "no exposure to covid" OR "no known exposure to covid" OR "no covid*"'

Standalone ICD-10-CM Codes: B97.2% OR B34.2 OR U07.1 OR U07.2 OR A22% OR Z20.810 OR A20% OR A21% OR J00-J06.9 OR J09-J18.9

OR Keywords:
((cough OR cyanosis OR "breath*" OR hemoptysis OR hypoxia OR "pleural effusion" OR pleurisy OR pneumonia OR SOB OR SHOB OR dyspnea OR tachypnea OR "increased respiratory rate" OR stridor')
achy OR "light headed" OR "body ach*" OR appetite OR chills OR shivers OR rigors OR shakes OR malaise OR diaphoresis OR sweaty OR "muscle ach*" OR dizziness OR myalgia OR drowsy OR sleepy OR tired OR exhausted OR fatigue OR prostration OR "fev*" OR fvr OR febrile OR FUO OR"high temp*" OR weariness OR "hurt all over*" OR wooziness OR "joint pain" OR "crank*" OR "fuss*" OR irritable'))

To monitor trends in respiratory illnesses
Ricin Toxin (Keyword OR ICD-10-CM)Keywords: ricin

ICD-10-CM Codes: T62.2X1%
To identify potential cases of exposure to ricin
Trauma (Keyword or ICD-10-CM)Keywords: traum* OR MVC OR MVA
ICD-10-CM Codes: S00-S99.929D OR T07 OR T14 OR T20-T28.99XD OR T30-T32.99
To monitor trends in urgent care visits that are trauma-related
Water Safety Threats (Keyword or ICD-10-CM)Keywords: vibrio* OR cholera OR cryptosp* OR parvum*

ICD-10-CM Codes: A00% OR A06.0 OR A06.9 OR A07.1 OR A07.2 OR Z11.0%
To identify potential cases of water-borne disease