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As of September 6, 2019, we now have the following syndromes available in the EMS data:
  • Hurricane-Related
  • Naloxone
  • Standing E-Scooter
  • Traffic-Related
  • Traffic-Related: Bicyclists
  • Traffic-Related: Pedestrians
To review these data for your jurisdiction, go to the Syndrome Line Listing Report and select EMS as the data source in the drop down menu. Case definitions for these new syndromes are available at
You can also review EMS data without any classification into syndromes in the Basic Line Listing Report. Select EMS as the data source in the drop down menu.
NC DETECT receives a subset of these data once daily from the state data repository managed by ESO. Please note that these data are relatively complete going back to around May 2018. Searching earlier than May 2018 will provide unreliable results. To review historic EMS Data in NC DETECT, select PreMIS from the data source drop down menu. The graphs below illustrate the data completeness across the EMS data for V.2 (2009-2018 available under the data source nameĀ  = PreMIS) and V.3 (May 2018 – Present available under the data source name = EMS)

Please note that EMS agencies sending data to ESO in NEMSIS V.2 format after March 23, 2019 are NOT received by NC DETECT.


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