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The NC Division of Public Health now has a weekly surveillance report that shows weekly trends in covid-like illness (CLI*) at statewide and regional levels. Authorized NC DETECT users can view CLI trends at the county level using the the Syndrome Line Listing Report, the Syndrome Counts and Percentages Report, and/or the COVID-19 tabs in the General Dashboards,

  • General Dashboards with Line Listing Access: In Dashboard Options, select COVID-19 (counts) and/or COVID-19 (%). Deselecting other tabs with load the reports faster. These dashboards show a rolling 30-day average of raw counts or trends as a percentage of total ED visits for the selected county(es) and statewide. We recommend reviewing both tabs to get an accurate picture of your county(ies) as the total number of ED visits in NC has dropped significantly since the stay-at-home order was issued on March 27, 2020. The CLI trends are shown at the very bottom of the dashboard. Trends for influenza-like illness, viral/unspecified pneumonia, and covid-related diagnoses are also included.
  • Syndrome line listing report: On this report, select ED as your data source and CLI as your syndrome. This report will show CLI counts by ZIP (see map at bottom of the page), as well as line listing data and chart options. You can also customize your date range (up to one year at a time) and select different aggregate grouping options.
  • Syndrome Counts & Percentages Report: This report includes aggregate data only, but allows you to group your syndrome output by different geographic options and/or demographic variables and provides total ED visit denominator information.

Please contact us if you have any questions about using NC DETECT to monitor covid-like illness.

*CLI looks for mention of covid or corona virus in the chief complaint or mention of fever/chills AND cough or shortness of breath/difficulty breathing in the chief complaint or triage notes. Detailed definitions are available at


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